The new GMC Acadia (2) 2017, prices and equipment

Detroit Motor Show in 2016 became the seat of the premiere of the new crossover GMC Arcadia 2 generation, which is slightly changed in appearance, a better inside, lose weight and got a new engine.
Compared to the previous generation vehicle, the new GMC Arcadia (2017) became smaller in all directions. Its overall length was reduced to 4826 mm (- 182), the size of the wheelbase reduced to 2 858 (- 162), the width was 1 914 (- 90), and height – 1 749 (- 100).
As a result, the crossover is no longer able to take on board eight people, but buyers are still available seven-seater modification. And through the use of the body structure of the new model of high-strength steel parts and a number of elements of carbon fiber weight GMC Arcadia 2 was reduced by 317 kg – up to 1794 kg (basic version).
And if before the car was offered only with a V6 engine, now in the lineup appeared 2.5-liter “four” power of 194 hp, but it is an alternative to the 310-horsepower V6 in working volume of 3.6 liters. Combine both paired with a dedicated six machine.
Drive GMC Arcadia (2017) can be front or full, and the latest version has the ability to order a car with a system of All Terrain, better prepared to ride out the asphalt.
Sales of the new crossover in the United States will start in the spring of 2016, the price is not specified. The equipment includes a system of automatic car parking, sky cameras, automatic switching over to the dipped beam and a tracking system for marking.

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