At the Shanghai Motor Show in 2011 the company officially unveiled the Buick concept car Envision with a bold memorable design, the main elements of which are up “door-scissors” roof consisting of solar panels, and larger 22-inch aluminum wheels. Shop concept designed in minimalist style, there are four separate armchairs upholstered in Italian leather, used in the finishing of natural wood and metal inserts. Additional features include a blue LED suspension disguised ventilation holes and three-dimensional display multimedia system on the center console with the ability to access the Internet. Buick Envision Concept is equipped with a hybrid power plant that combines a 2.0-liter turbo engine and two electric motors. All of this is mounted in a pair with an 8-speed automatic transmission and lithium-ion batteries. Technical characteristics of the installation in General Motors is not open, saying only that the gasoline engine operates as a generator to recharge the batteries when supply of energy accumulated in them coming to an end. For maximum efficiency, design engineers Envision concept created for a lightweight chassis made of a mixture of carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum. The future of this project is very vague, but the design elements may well find a place in the new car models Buick.

buick-envision-concept_06-650x267 buick-envision-concept_01-650x486