GM brought in Shanghai the electric car Chevrolet NFR

At the Shanghai Motor Show in 2015, General Motors presented to the public a prototype electric car of the future Chevrolet FNR. The name of the concept is an acronym and stands for Find New Roads.
The development of the concept of Asian experts engaged in the technical center of the General Motors concern. It looks like some car capsule with translucent body panels. Climbing up the door are called “door dragonfly” and performed the laser optics.
By design, moving Chevrolet FNR bring four electric motors (one for each wheel) and charges the battery for its power, you can use the wireless induction charger.
Also has the function of an electric autopilot with a special radar on the roof, which helps to orient in space electronics, and the front seats in the cabin can be rotated 180 degrees.

foto-nfr-ev_03 foto-nfr-ev_02 foto-nfr-ev_01

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