The Germans presented racing hatchback Opel Astra TCR

Hatchback Opel Astra last generation in a body K was racing version, created to participate in the touring Championship Touring Car Racing (TCR). The car, developed in conjunction with specialists from the racing team Kissling Motorsport, presented to the public at the circuit named after Jules Taschen, in the Belgian city of Meta.
Racing Opel Astra TCR equipped with fully adjustable suspension, adjustable rear wing and front splitter. In addition, this Astra has received a 100-liter fuel tank, the presence of which will be compulsory for all racing cars in 2017.
The movement of the TCR Opel Astra K, whose mass is equal to 1 200 kg, resulting in a 2.0-liter gasoline turbo engine, which develops 330 hp (420 Nm). The engine is combined in a pair with a dedicated six transmission gear shifting which is performed gearshift paddles.
Also on the racing modifications hatchback mounted six-piston brakes with 378 mm discs at the front and two-piston with 265-millimeter discs at the rear. At the same time control the brake balance, you can use a special switch in the cabin.
In addition to this championship TCR Astra is quite possible to be seen in endurance racing, since the technical requirements allow modifications to take part, for example, in the 24 hours of Nürburgring.
For Sale Opel Astra TCR will be in February 2016. To buy a car, you can at a price of 95,000 euros.

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