The Germans presented a prototype of the Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code

The company Mercedes-Benz presented a prototype of the Vision G-Code, which is the all-terrain coupe, or as it described the Germans – Sport Utility Coupe. Interestingly, the concept developed by the efforts of the Chinese design studio.
Mercedes G-Code Vision Concept with a landing formula 2+2 reaches a length of 4.1 meters, width – 1.9 m, and height – 1.5 m. Exact figures were not disclosed, and the wheelbase of the car is unknown, but in any case he has turned more compact serial SUV GLA. Concept equipped with a hybrid power plant. The front wheels are driven by a turbocharged engine that runs on hydrogen and back – electric motor.
The company notes that the prototype has three operating modes: Hybrid eDrive, Hybrid Eco and Hybrid Sport. When activated, the first is only the electric motor, and the second – in addition uses a turbocharged engine, with the fuel and energy stated minimum. Well, the Hybrid Sport leverages hybrid installation at 100%, while the electric motor assists the engine during acceleration.
In the external design of the model catches the eye is the lack of traditional false radiator grille. In its place is a display that changes color depending on the mode of operation of the power plant. So, when activated Hybrid eDrive on the display light up blue stars in Eco mode the stars become purple, and in the mode of Sport – red.
Among other features of the Mercedes-Benz Vision G-Code is worth noting the 21-inch wheels, LED headlights, air suspension, camera on the front struts that replace side mirrors, as well as a unique body, which is a kind of solar cell, energy harvesting Battery. Interestingly, the battery charging is carried out not only during the ride (the wind and the oncoming air flow), but also for the simple.
Will there be a production version of the unique prototype? While the Germans are not prepared to answer this question, but foreign publishers believe that the new product could well see the light and become a competitor of the future crossover Audi Q1, the release of which is scheduled for 2016.

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