German tuners from Novitec finalized Ferrari 488 supercar

Novitec Rosso has submitted a program for the revision Ferrari 488 GTB supercar, which involves the installation of body kit N-Largo and increases engine output.
In particular, Italian tuners prepared for a wide compartment kit of carbon, consisting of the other bumpers, enlarged air intakes, fenders, spoilers and wheel arches. After installing this kit Ferrari 488 will be nearly 140 mm wider than the original version.
RV modified Two-door flaunt solid 22-inch alloy wheels NF6 NL, while ground clearance is understated by 25 mm, but the hydraulic suspension allows you to lift the “nose” to overcome low obstacles.
Stay for a while in the Novitec Rosso, performance 3.9-liter V8 engine has increased from the original 670 hp and 760 Nm to 772 power and 892 Nm of torque. As a result, from zero to hundred Ferrari 488 N-Largo is accelerated for 2.8 seconds, while top speed increased to 341 km/h.
The Novitec note that in this way will be finalized only 11 cars, the tuning program is available as Coupé and for the open version of the 488 Spider. The cost of improvements is not disclosed.

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