At the Geneva show concept shutin break Peugeot Instinct

As part of the Geneva Motor Show 2017, Peugeot will present to the public a concept hybrid shutin break called Instinct. French prototype equipped with four advanced multimedia complex, which is able to anticipate the driver’s needs. Entertainment Complex is based on the platform of Internet of Things and actively leverages cloud service Samsung Arctic Cloud. Synchronizing with mobile gadgets owner multimedia able to remember their preferences and on the basis of the information to choose the modes of control electronics work, change the position of the chair and put the best settings for the climate control and interior lighting. Entertainment complex in the concept of Peugeot instinct is able to automatically upload data navigation on planned trips, learning this information from applications like diary. In addition, the electronics can read information about the physical condition of the person with a smart watch. Thus, the system is able to find out if the driver went to the gym, and then put the settings on the most comfortable movement. Another distinctive feature of the Peugeot Instinct Concept is coated with a layer of concrete floor of the car. Thus, the French offer passengers take off their shoes and enjoy the silky to the touch surface. The movement of the car 300-strong hybrid propulsion system. The company has not yet disclosed its detailed characteristics, but it is known that the battery can be recharged prototype from the external network. The model has four driving modes. Two of them (Drive Boost and Drive Relax) are used for manual control. When activated, the settings are utilized for maximum comfort and dynamic movement. But in the Autonomous Soft modes and Autonomous Sharp driving takes on autopilot, and in the first case, the trip will be slow and relaxing, while the second car will go active. When activated, the autonomous mode the steering wheel and the pedals of the concept is almost completely removed, thereby giving the driver more space. He can relax and take advantage of a personal assistant function with voice commands. The equipment list Peugeot Instinct also listed an impressive array of safety systems, some of which operate on the basis of data from small cameras built into head optics.

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