New Lexus UX 2018

Lexus presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2018 its new model – a compact crossover UX, which became the youngest car in the manufacturer’s lineup and ideologically replaced the discontinued hybrid hatchback CT 200h. The harbinger of the new Lexus UX 2018-2019 (photo, price) was the self-titled concept, shown at an exhibition in Paris a year and a half ago. But unlike the latter, the serial version of the SUV was much more mundane. If the prototype stood out with an incredibly bold design with the doors opening opposite the door, the cameras instead of the side mirrors, hidden in the body of handles and wheel disks of a huge size, now all these elements have been replaced by traditional ones. SUV received a proprietary spindle-shaped grille, a complex headform optics, a lot of bends and punchings on bumpers, bonnet, and sidewalls. In this case, there are standard door handles and mirrors, and the wheels have an unremarkable diameter. From company other models of the Lexus UX stands out brutal plastic overlays over the wheel arches, muscular wings and combined taillights with a beautiful diode strip stretched over the entire width of the stern. The salon here has an electronic instrument panel, unusual ventilation ducts (one handles the direction and intensity), a touch panel on the central tunnel for managing multimedia functions, and a wide screen of the last one to which the clock was integrated on the left.


The basis of the new model Lexus UX lay the modular platform TNGA with McPherson struts in the front and the double-link suspension on the rear. Suspension in all versions exclusively spring – the pneumatic elements are not offered even for a surcharge. The overall length of the all-terrain vehicle is 4 495 mm, the wheelbase is 2 640, the width is 1 840, the height is 1 520. The ground clearance (clearance) and the trunk volume are not specified yet. In general, the car turned out to be 145 mm shorter than the older NX. Under the hood of the basic version of the Lexus UX 200 is a 2.0-liter atmospheric engine Dynamic Force with a high compression ratio of 13: 1 and developing 171 hp. It is combined with a new transmission Direct Shift, combining the variator and the mechanical first gear. This solution provides a more rapid start, while the variator itself was made much more compact and lighter. The alternative version of the UX 250h is equipped with a similar internal combustion engine, but with an even greater compression ratio of 14: 1, while it is deformed to 145 forces. It is assisted by an electric motor, with which the total output of the installation reaches 178 “horses”. The power is answered by the nickel-metal hydride traction battery located under the floor, and the traction on the wheels is transferred by the modernized electromechanical variator. Initially, both versions come with a front-wheel drive, but a hybrid modification can be ordered with the all-wheel drive transmission E-Four, supplemented by another electric motor. The latter is located on the rear axle and is set to the fastest response, which should provide a more confident movement outside the asphalt.

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