In Geneva, we introduced the concept of the GEA studio Giugiaro

At the Geneva Motor Show in 2015 the studio Italdesign Giugiaro, owned by German concern Volkswagen, presented a prototype of the GEA. Interestingly, the sketches of the concept car made the former Volkswagen chief designer Wolfgang Egger.
In 2013, Egger was fired from the company, but no work was not an experienced designer and soon moved to the studio Giugiaro, which immediately focusing on the concept of GEA.
The prototype is a four-wheel-drive sedan motors (two on each axis). Total power units up to 774 hp, while the top speed is electronically limited to 250 km/h.
The design Italdesign GEA used lightweight materials such as aluminum, magnesium and carbon fiber. The exact weight of the prototype is not known, but experts say the studio, the car weighs less than two tons. Overall length concept reaches 5370 mm, which is 105 mm longer modification Audi A8 (D4) sedan.
A unique feature of the system is a prototype autonomous control with light engineering. For example, when driving by the driver, the optics of the vehicle has a white shade, and when the autopilot is changed to blue.
Another feature Italdesign GEA Concept is the ability to change the situation in the cabin. In total, there are three modes: Business, Wellness, and Dream. When you activate the first interior turns into a kind of “office on wheels”. On the ceiling are lit 19-inch LED-screens and the front passenger seat can either be rotated 180 degrees, or folded, thereby freeing additional space for work.
In the Wellness Centre is transformed into a kind of miniature gym. In the back row are special pens – they can be used to perform uncomplicated exercise while watching the manufacturer’s instructions on the screen Technogym machines.
But in Dream mode, you can combine one of the rear seats to the front, thus, received quite a comfortable bed. Interior lighting at the same time become more soft and relaxing.
Representatives of the company Italdesign Giugiaro noticed that the GEA is a kind of prototype of a harbinger of the future of the Audi flagship of a new generation, but they are undecided which of the technologies involved in the concept car will appear in the series.

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