In Geneva 2012, brought Bentley SUV concept

Talk about Bentley SUV went for a long time and now, finally, at the beginning of March 2012 the British automaker has declassified a large concept under the name of EXP 9 intricate F Concept. The car has received several contradictory appearance. In front of the Bentley EXP 9 F features visible flagship sedan Mulsanne, in profile reminiscent of the SUV Range Rover. Serial SUV Bentley was named Bentayga. The concept put to large 23-inch wheels, gleaming chrome. However, in the last finishing SUV, perhaps with an excess. But the interior is very nice. Inside, the Bentley Bentayga natural finish wood and metal inserts. Classic devices side by side with a large touch-screen multimedia system. The upholstery, of course, with high-quality varieties of the skin, and in the trunk of a nearby bar. Under the hood, Bentley EXP 9 F Concept is located the mighty 6.0-liter turbo W12, issuing 600 hp and 800 Nm of torque which is transmitted to the wheels via an 8-step machine. The first public demonstration model was held at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012, but the reaction of the public on the design of off-road Bentley was negative – very few people came to taste so featureless appearance of the car. As a result, the automaker has decided to radically change the exterior design of future trends, the production of which is scheduled for 2016. Later it became known that the basis of the serial SUV Bentley, who was named Bentayga, will form a new modular platform MLB, which is also built serinyy Lamborghini Urus and the next generation Porsche Cayenne. The price model will be about 180,000 euros, and the planned annual sales 3000 – 4000 cars.

foto-bentley-exp-9-f-concept_03-650x487 foto-bentley-exp-9-f-concept_08-650x431 foto-bentley-exp-9-f-concept_04-650x487 foto-bentley-exp-9-f-concept_02-650x487 foto-bentley-exp-9-f-concept_01-650x487 foto-bentley-exp-9-f-concept_09-650x431 foto-bentley-exp-9-f-concept_07-650x431 foto-bentley-exp-9-f-concept_06-650x487 foto-bentley-exp-9-f-concept_05-650x487

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