In Geneva 2011, debuted the new Alfa Romeo 4C

The company Alfa Romeo unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in 2011 promised a new model 4C, is a compact rear-drive two-seater coupe with the engine located at the base. While Alfa Romeo 4C is presented as a concept, but as soon as the model will be ready for mass production, and next year it will begin selling it. Prices, of course, are still unknown. The concept is a length of about four meters and wheelbase – a little less than 2.4 meters. 40/60 weight distribution in favor of the rear axle. Coupe chassis is made of aluminum, and in the manufacture of carbon fiber body panels used. As a result, the total weight of the car was only 850 kg. The name of the 4C coupe obliged new turbo four-cylinder family of Multi-Air, issuing 200 hp – As well as on “charged” version of the hatchback Alfa Romeo Giulietta Quadrifoglio Verde. The engine is mounted in tandem with the new Alfa TCT automatic transmission with dry clutch, already familiar from the updated version of the MiTo, presented a few months ago. Hundred-seat Alfa Romeo 4C is gaining in 5.0 seconds flat and a top speed limited by the electronic limiter at 250 km/h.


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