Tuners from German company Sport Wheels introduced the revised Audi R8 Spyder supercar, called Galactic and benefit ten-motor 600 hp Specialists Sport Wheels offer customers two package increased performance for R8 Spyder. The first one includes only the migration of the electronic engine control unit, so that the power of the standard 525-horsepower 5.2-liter V10 increased to 40 hp – Up to 565 hp The maximum torque thereof reaches 560 Nm, compared with the initial 530 nm. The cost of improvements is estimated at 1499 euro. Package 2 includes the installation of a new sports muffler that allows you to remove the output of the power unit with 600 hp is already and 580 Nm of torque. Cost is such a pleasure to 5869 euros. Externally tuning Galactic Audi R8 Spyder can be recognized only in 20-inch black disc OZ Ultraleggera HTL, “shod” in the sports tires Continental Sport Contact the dimension 235/30 R20 front and 305/25 R20 – behind. Set of wheels will cost a total of 4 400 euros.

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