The G-POWER company modified the BMW M5 2012

New BMW M5 2012 has got a tuning package from the German G-POWER company, which specializes in refining car Bavarian brand. These procedures will remove the 4.4-liter V8 engine with twin-turbocharged 640 hp and 777 Nm of torque forces against 560 and 680 Nm, which is available in its basic version. As a result, the tuning version of the M5 F10 from G-POWER is gaining a hundred places at 3.9 seconds, half a second faster than the standard, with a 0 to 200 km/h sedan accelerates in 11.9 seconds, and its maximum speed when the limiter is disabled, It is 310 km/h. In addition, the car tuners equipped with an adjustable suspension, which has nine different positions, as well as upgraded brakes. The company hinted that they began work on the creation of a successor to the 800-strong version of the M5 Hurricane RR, considered the fastest sedan in the world, with a maximum speed of 372 km/h.


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