The G-Power company finalized the BMW M6 Gran Coupe

The four-door BMW M6 Gran Coupe, and so is very powerful and fast machine, but that did not stop the German specialist G-Power company from further refinement of the car. Stock version of the model is equipped with a 4.4-liter V8 rated at 560 hp, but the tuners offer several options for increasing the engine returns, which can increase engine performance ranging from 650 to 740 “horses”. Thus, the optimization of the exhaust system with steel pipes and reprogramming of the electronic engine control unit will provide power increase to 700 hp and 950 Nm. To achieve maximum results the G-Power specialists proposes to replace the standard exhaust for titanium with four tailpipes, which is not only much more efficient, but also at 10.5 kg lighter. In this case, the performance of the engine BMW M6 Gran Coupe will amount to 740 “horses” and 975 Nm of torque. The company did not call the car acceleration time from zero to a hundred, but we know that the mark of 200 km/h after the German coupe takes 10.5 seconds after launch. The maximum speed of the modified version of the M6 Gran Coupe reaches 325 km/h. Experts of studio also offer to install the wheels of the car brand 21-inch wheels G-Power Hurricane RR, made of ultra-light aircraft aluminum. The cost of the above improvements not specified.

foto-g-power-m6-gc_03 foto-g-power-m6-gc_02 foto-g-power-m6-gc_01

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