The French brought to the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2015 a compact coupe-cabriolet Peugeot Fractal Concept, which is equipped with a removable roof. According to the creators, some of those shown in the prior art developments in the future may be used on the production model of a similar size.
Peugeot fractal stands modest dimensions and minimal overhangs for easy maneuvering in the city. The length of the concept is 3810 mm, width – 1 770. The car put on 19-inch wheels and is equipped with adjustable shock absorbers, allowing to change the ride height in the range of 70 to 110 millimeters.
The movement of Peugeot Fractal Concept are two 102-horsepower electric motors (one for each axis), which provides easy (mass model is only 1 000 kg), the electric vehicle to disperse hundreds of 6.8 seconds. Cruising with a fully charged lithium-ion batteries (30 kWh battery capacity) reaches 450 km.
Particular attention is paid to the interior design manufacturer, 80% of the elements are printed on 3D-printer, and used in its decoration, including oak and copper. Peugeot Concept Fractal flaunts a fully electronic instrument panel and touchscreen on the center console to control the multimedia system.
In addition, it established a unique sound system 9.1.2, consisting of 13 speakers, including two subwoofers and two are integrated into the back seat of a special device, which is transmitted through the seat low-frequency sounds. The development of the company involved and Focal Subpac.

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