Minivan Ford S-Max is available from 2006, and not far off the appearance of a successor. The fact that it will consist of a vivid example is the concept of the same name, which was shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013.
As you can see, the future of Ford S-Max will look sportier appearance. Retaining the familiar outline of the profile minivan will receive a brand new grille, more constricted head optics (on the concept of it is made of organic light emitting diodes) and strongly inclined windscreen flows seamlessly into the glass roof.
Under the hood, Ford S-Max Concept place a new 1.5-liter gasoline turbo-engine series EcoBoost, which develops 180 forces and peak torque of 240 Nm. The serial version of the model, the emergence of which is expected in 2014, of course, get a wider range of available powertrains.
Shop concept Ford S-Max’s transformation has flexible and can be configured from four to seven seats. A special attention should be given the same high quality finish (including instrument panel of ultra-soft skin) and rich equipment.
For example, Ford S-Max Concept sports a multimedia sitsemoy Ford Sync voice control and access to the Internet, Dual-View display on the center console (driver and front passenger can Simultaneity show two different pictures) and automatic parking function of the new generation.
Even more impressive are the health tracking system. For example, special sensors in the driver’s seat can record the condition of the heart of the driver, in which case the electronics yourself contact with physicians. And, you can monitor the level of glucose in the blood, which is important for people with diabetes.
Finally, the concept of the new S-Max is equipped with technology of car-to-car, allowing to communicate with other vehicles equipped with a similar system. In the future, it should significantly reduce the number of accidents on the roads.

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