Ford is preparing a competitor to the Toyota Prius

Foreign media reported that Ford Motor Company is planning to develop an ecological model that the market competition impose Hyundai Ioniq and the Toyota Prius. Novelty called Model E and will debut in 2019. The basis of the car’s next generation platform will fall Ford Focus 4, the Model E will receive a completely original body. The Americans plan to release just three modifications Ford Model E. In addition to the all-electric version, the novelty will receive hybrid and petrol-electric version, and the latest battery can be recharged from a household power socket. Releasing Ford Model E will be at a new plant in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. The Americans are planning to invest in the construction of this company about $ 1.6 billion, with an annual production capacity will produce 50 thousand copies of the new items. It also will establish and build the new Focus.


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