Ford patented technology to improve the sound of low-power motors

Ford has received a US patent for technology that allows to make the sound of small motors more saturated. The press release says that the economical and environmentally friendly turbo small volume does not have good sound, but Ford technology makes it possible to correct this deficiency. Compared with sound modulators, working Americans make sound louder engine at low revs. Technology creates the feeling that the motor runs at a higher speed than it really is, with its sound resembles a unit volume engines. Thus, patent-pending technology will make 1.0-liter three-cylinder EcoBoost sound like an impressive V8. Ford Experts point out that this technology not only improves the sound of the engines, but also promotes more fuel economy. According to the Americans, many drivers are specially twisting low-power motors to cut-off, trying to get the most aggressive sound. Thanks to new technologies, such motorists will be used to switch to a higher gear. Currently, Ford uses a similar design on Mustang coupe with 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine family and “charged” the Focus RS, which is equipped with the same engine but 350 hp But the prospects for the emergence of new technology in other production models of the American brand is very vague.


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