At the Detroit Auto Show in 2015 presented supercar Ford GT II generation before us and almost ready to release the car. The production of the new Ford GT 2 will in this form, and it will happen at the end of 2016 The launch of a series in the new Ford GT body decided to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the victory of Ford’s 24-hour marathon of Le Mans. In 1966, the three classic GT40 Mk II took all the podium at the end of the daily race.
It looks great new supercar. The car retained the recognizable features while became much more modern and aggressive appearance. Leading optics and LED rear lights acquired, the door is now opened up and is replaced by smooth contours came sharp edges. The interior of the new Ford GT (2017) set sports seats, buckets with improved lateral support, fully digital instrument panel, racing wheel with a plurality of buttons, located on the center console LCD entertainment system SYNC 3 generations.

Specifications. The design of the Ford GT II manufacturer of lightweight high-strength materials are used to achieve the minimum weight of the car. Thus, the safety cage made ​​of carbon fiber front and rear aluminum subframes and body panels made ​​of carbon fiber. The new Ford GT 2 is noticeably smarter than ever. For example, it uses active aerodynamics with a retractable rear wing and carbon-ceramic Brembo brakes on a circle. A high-performance tires Michelin Super Sport Cup 2 by 20-inch alloy wheels have been specially developed for this model. It is not excluded that the supercar can get full carbon wheels with central locking. In place of the old 5.4-liter “eight” (550 hp, 677 Nm) by a new twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 family to return about 700 hp (Previously reported that power exceeds 600 “horses”). The engine is coupled to the base and paired with a 7-band robotized transmission with two clutches, providing virtually instant gear changes.
The exact power of the engine, as well as the dynamic characteristics of Ford GT (2017) is not called, but the manufacturer says that the car will be able to boast one of the best indicators of power to weight ratio among production cars.

Packaging and prices. According to preliminary data, all plans to build only 1,200 copies of the Ford GT 2, with an annual circulation of 250 copies limit. The price of the new supercar will be around €360,000, which is comparable to the cost of the European Lamborghini Aventador. Note that the precursor was produced in an amount of 4038 cars.