Ford Fiesta received a new modification ST200 2016

Heated Ford Fiesta ST hatchback has got slightly more powerful version, called ST200. Premiere of new items will be held at the March 2016 Geneva Motor Show.
From the standard model of the new Ford Fiesta ST200 different 17-inch wheels in black, gray color exclusive body Storm Grey, red brake calipers and the corresponding label.
Recent and present in the vehicle, which also sports a backlit thresholds for particularly furnished with safety belts and sports Recaro front seats with contrasting stitching.
Let’s look under the hood. There remained the same 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo, but for the Fiesta ST200 his return raised from the original 180 power and 250 Nm of torque to 200 “horses” and 320 Nm. And there’s overboost function that briefly (15 seconds) allows you to increase the power to 215 hp and 320 Nm.
Thrust is transmitted to the front axle through a 6-speed manual transmission, but its final drive ratio was changed from 3.82 to 4.06. As a result, from zero to hundreds of new Ford Fiesta ST 200 is accelerated for 6.7 seconds. (- 0.2 seconds) and top speed increased to 230 kilometers per hour (+ 10 km/h).
hatchback chassis also left unchanged. Engineers modified the front steering knuckles, retuned steering and suspension (it has become harder and ground clearance reduced by 15 mm) and rear installed brake discs a larger diameter. In addition, the car has received a system of thrust vector control and stabilization system with three modes.
Sales of Ford Fiesta ST200 in Europe will start in June 2016, and the first customers will receive their cars in the late summer.

foto-fiesta-6-st200_03 foto-fiesta-6-st200_02 foto-fiesta-6-st200_01

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