Fogging of glasses in the car: the reasons and ways of elimination

Fogging of glasses in the car – it is a problem typical for the cold season. It is unpleasant not only because it causes discomfort. Reduced visibility increases the risk when driving any vehicle.
To clean the misted glass driver should shift its focus from the road, and this can be an additional cause of an emergency (which, incidentally, is also prohibited and rules of the road).
Obviously, the misted windows are the result of high humidity inside the vehicle, and it is already on its part is the cause of a number of other problems: corrosion of metal parts and bad smell due to spoilage bacteria and molds (which are particularly thrive in such an environment) the need for more and more frequent interior cleaning and rapid failure of seat covers, and others.
All this is reason enough to find out the causes of the problem and understand how it can be eliminated. So why in the car misted glass?

The main reason for sweating – condensation on the coldest surfaces. When the temperature is lowered to the street so cold surfaces are glass. The source of the moisture is inside the man himself – or rather, his hot breath. It is easy to notice that the misting depends on the number of passengers inside: the more people in the cabin, the windows fog up stronger.
But people are not the only cause of moisture inside the machine. Excessive moisture in the street in conjunction with leaking seals may also cause condensation to form.
In addition, in the winter often on rugs are puddles of snow shoes from the driver and passengers and a car heater pumps moist air in the cabin due to snow accumulation on the hood (that there is a furnace opening through which air is a fence). Perhaps it is – the main causes of condensation on the windows in the cabin.
Of course, I try to do this for many years, and various methods have been developed for this purpose. they experienced drivers have been successfully used and allow really effectively eliminate misting.
Regular maintenance of the interior is the basis for solving the problem with the formation of condensate. Also, there are some simple rules that can deal with this problem.
Cleanliness is important in the cabin at any time of the year, however, carefully monitor it falls during the cold season. Because of the rain the moisture, together with footwear and clothing penetrates, rain and snow can fall into the cabin through the open doors and windows.
To excess moisture is removed, you need to regularly ventilate the interior and dry mats (especially if they mats). In addition, the purity of the driver and passengers a lot of shoes will contribute to this. For example, you can take it a rule not just or neaten winter shoes, but also to change it, if you have to travel regularly and stay at the wheel for a long time.
Another effective solution – to buy rubber mats. Of course, they may not look as respectable as textiles, but to look after them and maintain the cleanliness of the cabin will be much easier. In the rubber mats at the edges are bumpers that do not allow moisture to flow through the cabin. They can be easy to get out of the car and water from melted snow or rain just poured out.
The next thing you need to pay attention – is the purity of the lattice of a cowl in the winter. If there is accumulated snow, then it should be before you start the engine, just shake off or sweep. Otherwise, when the engine is running it will gradually melt and through the cabin heating system is inside.
Drying and airing should be implemented by circulating warm air throughout the cabin. Frost on the outside is also a cause sweating, so do not wait until she melted. Better it is still regularly scrubbed. Reduce the formation of ice dams will use winter antifreeze for windshield washer. Typically, such compositions contain isopropyl alcohol or preventing the formation of ice crust on the surface which was treated with them.
If you noticed that the glass in the car sweating more than usual, do not forget before you start driving well ventilated and warm up the cabin. This should be done gradually. First, you need to warm up all the windows, avoiding sudden changes in temperature (especially if windows were covered with icing), and then change the warm air circulation mode so that warmed the whole cabin.
Serviceability and purity of the air conditioner, stove and air filters are also additional factors in order to maintain the necessary humidity in the cabin.
Drivers with experience know that in the car with the window air conditioning sweat much less. This is due to the fact that the air when passing through the system is dried, while excess moisture is condensed in the device and removed from the system. Also, maintaining a constant optimal temperature will help prevent condensation settling on surfaces inside the cabin.
If you have air conditioning in the car is not present, maintaining optimum humidity level can be achieved by automotive stove and fresh air. Working with interior heater priopuschennym side window pretty quickly align the humidity level inside the glass and will not sweat. To do this, you must also supply the outside air circulation mode, and with the help of deflectors (flow regulator) to direct a jet of warm on those places that misted more than others.
There is one method that will help to cope with condensation inside the cabin. Partly modernization trunk duct will help in this almost certainly. Upgrading is as follows.
The side trim of the luggage compartment on both sides should be cut small holes in each of which is installed a plastic lattice. Thus possible to increase the outflow of air. With this “trick” can not only solve the problem of fogging, but also significantly improve the air circulation inside the machine.
The automotive products stores you can also find special tools – defogger. This liquid or mastic, which make the surface hydrophobic or water repellent to form thereon a film. The most effective are exactly mastic, but they are at the same time and more expensive than other means. Apply these compounds should be only after a thorough removal of dirt and moisture, otherwise they will just be useless.
By the way, the easiest and most common way to deal with fogging glasses cloth – only exacerbate the problem.Even pure matter is able to smear the smallest particles of dust and dirt with moisture so that very soon the visibility will be significantly reduced. This will be particularly noticeable at night.
Following simple rules listed will help to significantly reduce misting in the car and all the attendant problems.

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