The US company Fisker Automotive unveiled to the public a second car in its lineup. Presentation of the new Fisker Surf 2013 took place on the first day of the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2011.
Externally, the car resembles the new Ferrari FF, but its creators do not agree. According to them, a source of inspiration in the process of creating a model Surf served as the Lamborghini Espada, is available in 70-ies of the last century.
In fact, the new Surf is just a modified version of the first model of the company – electric sedan Fisker Karma, which has been posted by journalists in “nines” because indecent small luggage compartment volume of 200 liters.
The new model is that all the rules is classified as a station wagon, has increased the boot, which can now range from 360 to 820 liters. And the name of the new items transparently alludes to the fact that the owner without any problems be able to carry a surfboard.
Estimated date of start-up Fisker Surf in production scheduled for 2013, and the cost of the model is unlikely to be less than 100,000 dollars.