Fisker introduced electric vehicle emotion

Henrik Fisker did not despair after the failure with the ruined Fisker Motors due to the failure of the Karma hybrid. He founded a new company and introduced her first product: the EMotion electric car. The car has a fairly aerodynamic and aggressive design, and the doors are fixed in the styles “butterfly wings”: the front ones go up and up, and the rear ones, respectively, back and up.

A car with a length of more than five meters is positioned as a luxury representative electric vehicle. Although, it is clear, in whom Fisker: the main competitor he considers Tesla Model S.

Fisker also copied Tesla and in another: the power of Emotion is unknown. It is stated only that batteries with a capacity of 143 kilowatt-hours will last for 640 kilometers of a run. At the same time, the electric car will receive the function of quick recharging, allowing for 9 minutes to extend the mileage by 200 kilometers.

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