Car Fiat Punto 3 generation comes with a distant 2005, but the Italians are in no hurry with the conclusion to the market the next generation model. Instead, the hatchback has undergone yet another restyling in which his name was added to the console Evo. Updated Fiat Punto Evo has received other bumper, new elongated head optics, rear lights with LED sections, different hood and grille, as well as a large number of chromium in the design of the exterior.
Interior Fiat Punto Evo has remained unchanged, but the buyers will be able to choose new finishes. Alas, in this way until the car will be sold exclusively on the market in India. The question of whether the machine will get to other countries, similar changes remains open. Sales of the model will start before the end of 2014 at a price of 7,400 dollars.