In late August 2011, the company officially unveiled the Fiat Panda 3 generations, the world debut of which took place a month later at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt. The car was much nicer, but it was 100 percent recognizable.
Underlying Fiat Panda III is an upgraded platform from the previous machine. By its dimensions added little new in all fields: the length of the new hatchback is 3650 mm (+ 112), the width – 1 640 (+ 62), height – 1 550 (+ 10). Thus, the new product boasts a spacious interior and trunk volume increased. In addition, the rear seat in the car is easy to move and fold, and for the transport of long-length and can be folded back of the front passenger seat.
As powertrains for the new Fiat Panda 3 offers gasoline and diesel engines. The base is a 875-cc engine, available in the atmosphere (65 hp) and turbocharged (85 hp) versions. In addition, customers can order a car with a 69-strong petrol unit volume of 1.2 liters and 1.3-liter 75-horsepower diesel engine Multijet. Release of the new Fiat Panda III began in November at the company Alfa Romeo in Naples and European sales started in early 2012.