Fiat declassified salon rival vw polo sedan

Fiat Company has shown an interior of a Cronos sedan which this year will struggle for the buyer with the second generation of Volkswagen Polo. Rather, Volkswagen Virtus, as both machines are designed for the South American market.

As we expected, the differences of the interior from the Argo hatchback are minimal. More truly, they practically are not present. Since Fiat Cronos will be positioned in the South American market as a rather prestigious car, the filling is also appropriate: a virtual instrument panel, rich equipment, including an infotainment system with a large stand-alone screen in the center console, climate control …

The sedan is built on a modular MP-S platform, the same one on which the Argo hatchback was presented in the spring. Their appearance is almost identical (except, of course, the body shape), but the Cronos have a different grille and headlights.

Fiat will start selling Cronos in the first quarter of this year. The car received 1,3- and 1,8-liter engines, both of them have options that work on both gasoline and ethanol. As the transmission will be offered a 5-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed “automatic”.

While in Fiat ignore the possibility of the emergence of Cronos in other markets. But taking into account the general strategy of “globalization” of the model range, one can not exclude its appearance in other markets, such as India or China. But our car is unlikely to appear: Fiat has no production in our country, and it is economically inexpedient to import Cronos from other countries.

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