New Fiat 500L 2016 presented in Geneva

The Fiat company has declassified its new 500L, called 500L – the world debut of new items was held in early March at the Geneva Motor Show in 2012. Compared with the three-door hatchback Fiat 500, its “big” version was 60 mm longer, 16 mm wider and 18 mm higher. Dimensions 500L is 4 to 140 mm in length, 1780 mm width and 1660 mm – high. According to the automaker, the car is able to take on board five people rise up to two meters and a few suitcases.
And next year will join the line of the motor that can run on natural gas. Issue five-seater Fiat 500L will establish a factory in Serbia, its sales in Italy will start July 2012, but the supply of finished vehicles will begin in October. And in 2013 it will be possible to buy a novelty on the market hundreds of different countries. However, price is not yet known.




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