The company has transformed the compact Fiat 500 hatchback electric car in the world premiere of which took place in late November at the auto show in Los Angeles, 2012. However, before the novelty has already shown at the event American Music Awards. Electric was called simply Fiat 500e and looks different from his brother with a traditional internal combustion engine a new front bumper with an unusual contrast insert and door sills and 15-inch wheels with special design on tires with reduced rolling resistance.
According to the automaker, to create the body kit for the electric “500” car was blown in the wind tunnel. As a result, the level of air resistance was reduced by 13 percent, compared with the normal version three-door. Inside, Fiat 500E has changed the instrument panel, and the place of the lever has registered buttons electric motor. Place the traditional dashboard has taken all 7-inch LCD display, and is located above the center console 4.3-inch touch-screen navigation system.
The movement of the compact electric motor is 111 hp (200 Nm), which is responsible for the power set of lithium-ion batteries located under the floor. Declared reserve of new items is 130 km, but the city, with frequent braking, providing recharging batteries, mileage can be increased up to 160 kilometers. On charging the battery from a household line voltage of 240 volts is required four hours, but the 120-volt network can fill the capacity of the battery is only for a day. Selling new Fiat 500e will initially only in California, but the price is not yet known.