Ferrari Testarossa: originally from the eighties, prices and equipment

Ferrari Testarossa – it’s a two-door sports coupe, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1984. With Italian “Testarossa” translates as “red head”. This was due to the name of the car painted in red caps of cylinder blocks. The design of Ferrari Testarossa was an experienced engineer in aerodynamics Leonardo Fioravanti. He tried to combine aesthetic appeal and functionality. And it is entirely possible: large side air intakes directed to the side radiators cool air, after which it is displayed through the vents in the engine cover. This solution has reduced the aerodynamic drag coefficient to 0.36 and renounce the use of the rear spoiler.

Specifications and technical features.

The Ferrari Testarossa is a movement opposed 12-cylinder engine of 4.9 liters. The motor has two camshafts, and each cylinder have 4 valves. The system uses the ignition supply Magnetti Marelli Microplex and injection Bosch K Jetronic. Link peredet the wheels of the rear axle by means of a 5-speed manual transmission from zero to hundreds of Ferrari Testarossa is able to accelerate in 5.3 seconds and a top speed of 290 km/h. In addition, for the full sports car rather Settings 13.5 seconds. (During this time, cars passing about 400 meters). Ferrari Testarossa overall length of 4485 mm (size of the wheelbase is 2 550), width – 1976, height – 1 130 and the weight of the compartment – 1 506 kg. The car has the original rear suspension with independent wishbones of different lengths, coil springs, telescopic shock absorbers with two on each side and a stabilizer bar. Awards and achievements Ferrari Testarossa has won numerous awards and victories in various tests and competitions. In just five years the vehicle 9 (!) Just made the cover of the magazine “Road & Track”. In addition, in the eighties of the car can be seen in many video games, the most popular won OutRun. At the time of occurrence of the price of a Ferrari Testarossa is 181,000 dollars in the US and in the UK for the model requested 62,600 pounds. Known Testarossa owners are French actor Alain Delon, singer Elton John and former Formula 1 driver – avtriets Gerhard Berger. Summarizing The release of the original Ferrari Testarossa was completed in 1991, but he was replaced by a modernized version of the coupe, called 512 TR. He made ​​three years, but the story does not end models. In 1994 the Italian automaker has presented a coupe F512 M, which in its ochred, was a continuation of the model 512 TR.

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