Ferrari prepares extreme coupe 599HH Evolution

Ferrari will soon offer its customers another car, which will be available for use only in closed, specially prepared circuit. The first such experience at the Italian company took the model FXX, which was established on the bases of Enzo and 599 GTB.
The basis of the car, called 599HH Evolution, lay all the same platform FXX, but the coupe was much more powerful and sportier. As the main driving force has been selected 6.3-liter V12, used in the new Ferrari FF, but in contrast to the all-wheel drive hatchback coupe racing will please their owners 800 “horses”.
Outside of the car, as compared to the FXX, I received a lot of new elements. In particular, the front part has got a lot of aerodynamic parts, some of which are borrowed from the cars Ferrari, in Formula-1. Forage sports a huge rear wing and exhaust is located directly behind the front wings.
Most of the design and technological solutions find their application in a new generation of the 599 GTB. Expected premier 599HH Evolution will be held at the Geneva Motor Show 2012.


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