At the International Geneva Motor Show 2011 Ferrari company held the official presentation of its new supercar FF Рthe name is an acronym for Ferrari Four, which symbolizes the presence of four seats in the cabin, as well as all-wheel drive. Yes, the new Ferrari FF became the first in the history of the Italian brand car with all-wheel drive, as well as the owner of a rare and unusual three-door body Shooting Breake, which is engaged in design, design studio Pininfarina.

Packaging and prices Ferrari FF.

Equipment Price Engine Transmission Drive
4RM $299,000 6.3 petrol (660 hp) Automatic (7) full

Vehicle model replaced the 612 Scaglietti, therefore it is logical to compare them with each other. New 5 mm longer precursor (4907 mm) and 30 mm above (1 379 mm). Shop Ferrari FF has a landing formula 2+2, the trunk volume of 450 liters which can be increased to 800 liters if you fold the rear seat backs. This is a very large figure, considering that we are talking about the trunk of a supercar. And that Ferrari FF – this is a supercar can be seen in the figures.
Weighing in at 1790 kg, power-FF is 2.7 kg per hp (at the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, the figure is 3.25 kilograms per hp, while the new Lamborghini Aventador – 2.25 kg per hp). From zero to hundreds of the Shooting Break is able to shoot in 3.7 seconds and its top speed is 335 km/h. As for the all-wheel drive system, which is developed for the model Ferrari FF, it received its own name 4RM and, according to the company, it can boast a half lighter than competitors’ systems. All their know-how on the new system, all-wheel drive in Maranello is not disclosed. It is also equipped with a high-performance supercar company Brembo brakes in addition boasts a near-perfect weight distribution between the axles in a ratio of 47/53. Almost immediately after the announcement of the model, the company has collected more than 800 orders for the new product, and it is nearly the volume of production, which was scheduled for the full year 2011. The price of Ferrari FF 260,000 euros customers does not stop.

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