Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution 840-horsepower by Edo Competition

Less than two months have passed since the debut Ferrari Enzo XX Competition of Edo studio, but the tuners have decided to return to his model. What can be improved in a supercar 800 hp? Here’s the answer. Meet, Ferrari Enzo the XX Evolution by Edo Competition capacity of 840 hp Tuners continued to “dig” in the 6.3-liter V12, replacing the trees by modifying the cylinder head, installed new valves and connecting rods are made of titanium, a new air filter and modified the exhaust system. But that is not all. Experts Edo Competition could also reduce the weight of the supercar to 100 kg, bringing to disperse hundreds from Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution takes 3.2 seconds, acceleration up to two hundred km/h – 9 seconds and 19 seconds after the starting field, the car picks up 300 km/h. Maximum speed at the same time more than 390 km/h. External changed slightly. Supercar got a new retractable rear wing, LED taillights and a new rear skirt with wings imitating diffuser.


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