Overseas Edition Car has learned that Ferrari is planning to launch in 2021 its first crossover in the history. According to information received by journalists from own sources in Maranello cars while it carries code name F16X.
The Ferrari emphasized that such a model can not be unambiguously attributed to any crossovers or SUVs. Italians coming novelty positioned as “high five-door coupe” that has no central pillar and the rear doors open backward facing.
Official Ferrari crossover pictures yet, but in the edition Car posted several renderings of their own, giving a rough idea of the shape of the car.
The off-road vehicle for the foundation decided to take an aluminum platform, which also will build a successor GTC4 Lusso. This means that the first brand crossover will get all-wheel drive system.
In terms of dimensions Ferrari F16X will noticeably more of the same GTC4 Lusso, but the exact size of the car was not disclosed. According to rumors, equip or eight engine or gasoline-electric power plant.
It is expected that the price tag on the SUV Ferrari will be in the region of 350 000 dollars. The company expects that this model will allow them to double sales to 16 thousand cars per year.