Ferrari California T from Novitec Rosso studio

If no model of the line Ferrari does not attract you as it does hardtop magnet under the name California T, then look at the tuners from Novitec Rosso – in their power to make sure that this attraction has become even more powerful. Many times. Taking the Ferrari California T, they have enriched its cosmetic and technical improvements. Motor here, thanks to the new “brain”, received an increase of 85 hp and 101 Nm – Force to 646 and 856 nm, respectively. Thus, the acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h now takes 3.3 seconds (0.3 faster than before), and the maximum speed reaches 323 km/h against 316 in the source code. In addition, the tuner Novitec Rosso equipped machine new exhaust system with active-controlled butterfly valve as well as a sport suspension, the ride height by 35 underestimates millimeters. Also included is a hydraulic system that you press the button raises the front of the car by 40 mm – in order to have less problems with speed bumps. To make the appearance of a standard Ferrari California T aggressive Germans “invented” carbon fiber body kit that includes a front splitter, a different grille, bonnet air intakes, side “vent” lining on the housing rear-view mirrors, side skirts, rear spoiler and diffuser. Not deprived of carbon fiber “attention” and retractable convertible roof, decorating it clear decorative carbon-fiber finish. A complete picture of brand wheels (21-inch front and 22 – back). The cost of improvements is not specified.

novitec-california-t_03-650x433 novitec-california-t_01-650x433 novitec-california-t_02-650x433

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