Ferrari 599XX Evolution Pack received

In mid-November of 2011, the network appeared spy photos of extreme supercar Ferrari 599HH Evolution, and now the italy automaker declassified its novelty, which made its debut at the Motor Show in Bologna. On the Italian name for the new coupe is written Evoluzione, and its main differences from the version 599HH are reduced by 35 kg weight, more advanced aerodynamic body kit with an adjustable rear wing and increased from 730 to 750 output 6.3-liter V12. Especially for Ferrari 599XX EVO company developed a new rear wing, which consists of two adjustable planes. However, in contrast to the racing cars of Formula 1, where he manages the adjustable rider coupe this happens automatically. The position of the planes is influenced by many factors, key of which is the speed, steering angle, longitudinal and lateral acceleration of the vehicle, as well as data obtained from a variety of electronic systems. The company notes that the adjustable rear wing at a speed of 200 km/h generates downforce of 330 kg at the open proskostyah and 440 kg – in private. A circle on the test circuit at Fiorano coupe Ferrari 599XX Evolution overcome for 1 minute and 15 seconds. That’s just to buy a supercar that does not work, because its main purpose is track days that Ferrari is organizing within the framework of Ferrari Corse Clienti for its customers. The company itself delivers cars to the racing track, where he has been specially trained service personnel.

foto-599xx-evo_02-650x412 foto-599xx-evo_06-650x433

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