The Ferrari 599 GTO supercar based GTB Fiorano, prices and equipment

In early April of 2011, Ferrari released the official photos of its new super car the Ferrari 599 GTO, the world premiere of which took place a little later at the Beijing Auto Show. With him coupe weighing 1 605 kg accelerates from zero to a hundred in 3.35 seconds and reaches a top speed of 335 km/h. For comparison, the base 599 has records GTB 3.7 seconds and 328 km/h, respectively. On the test track at Fiorano Ferrari, the new Ferrari 599 GTO showed lap time of 1 minute and 24 seconds, ahead of this indicator supercar Enzo! At the time of his debut coupe bore the title of the fastest production car in the history of Ferrari brand. All this is possible to achieve a clamping force of 144 kg of force at the compartment at a speed of 193 km/h. To reduce the weight of the Ferrari 599 GTO of its body panels are made of lightweight aluminum trim is made of carbon fiber, and basic equipment includes carbon-ceramic brakes and 20-inch wheels, “shod” in the sports tires Michelin dimension 285/30ZR20 front and 315/35 ZR20 – behind. Has undergone modernization and suspension supercar, she got rear stabilizer bar, stiffer springs and dampers SCM2 magnetocontrollable with magnetorheological fluid In total the company has planned to release only 599 copies of the Ferrari 599 GTO, the price of each of them is about 320,000 euros.

ferrari-599-gto_03-650x433 ferrari-599-gto_06-650x433

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