Ferrari 575 Superamerica, prices and equipment

In 2005, based on the coupe Ferrari 575 M Maranello Italian manufacturer has issued a convertible with the unusual design of the retractable top. This model was called 575 Superamerica. So, the key feature of the Ferrari 575 Superamerika became transparent glass roof L-shaped, which is to electrically rotated 180 degrees and go on the other side of the trunk lid. A vertical rear window, protecting the interior of the turbulent eddies, then automatically returns to its original raised position. The entire procedure takes 10.0 seconds. But that’s not all. This roof has five different levels of transparency, which are regulated by pressing the button from the saloon. Both of these solutions were used in the automotive industry for the first time. Depriving Ferrari 575 M Superamerica steel roof, engineers had to enhance the load-bearing elements of the body, due to which the mass of the model increased to 1 790 kg (60 kilograms more than the coupe weighs standard). However, the increased weight managed to compensate for the increase in returns of 5.5-liter V12, whose power is in the Ferrari 575M Superamerica 540 hp against the original 515. This will keep the maximum speed that reaches 320 km/h, at the level of the machine with a hard top. Moreover, at the time of its introduction, the model has become the fastest convertible in the world. Today, the average price of Ferrari 575 Superamerica on the secondary market an average of 235,000 dollars.

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