Ferrari 550 Maranello: best sports car, prices and equipment

Ferrari 550 Maranello – This 2-seater sports car in the coupe, which started to produce in 1996. Four years later, at the motor show debut in the French capital variant of the model with an open top, named Ferrari 550 Barchetta. The number 550 in the designation alludes to the engine size, which is 5.5 liters. A central office is located in the Italian town of Maranello, whose name is also reflected in the brand of car.

Specifications and features Ferrari 550 Maranello.

Ferrari 550 Maranello has replaced the model F512 M, becoming the slightly longer, narrower, but significantly higher than its predecessor. Overall length of the compartment is 4 550 mm (size of the wheelbase – 2500), width – 1935, height – 1 277, and the weight increased to 1690 kg. The design of the vehicle used flowing lines, registration of the front and rear lighting has become more graceful, massive side air intakes have given way to more modest vertical slits in the front wings, and a long hood is located 5.5-liter V12. Modern management system Bosch Motronic M5.2 control work and all the processes of the unit. For the production of the oil pan, block and cylinder heads used in light alloys.
Thanks Mahle pistons thermodynamic efficiency is significantly increased. Since the cylinder head with four valves equipped with hydraulic tappets, the engine works steadily, without requiring adjustment valves. The exhaust system on the Ferrari 550 Maranello has an isolated type of performance, it operates under the front wing by clamping force varies periodically. The maximum speed of the Ferrari 550 Maranello of 320 km/h, and acceleration from zero to a hundred compartments trubetsya 4.3 seconds. The engine is mounted in a pair with a 6-speed manual transmission, while its cost can not be called. Awards and achievements EVO Magazine Ferrari 550 Maranello awarded the title “The best sports car of the 1990s.” And its V12 engine capacity of 5.5 liters was the winner in 2000 and 2001 in the category “World Engine of the Year” in the category of more than 4.0 liters. The first representative was constructed in accordance with FIA regulations sport to participate in a series of Red Racing. Development of the project to promote the company Italtecnica. Coupe was named 550 GT, and its official tests took place in April 1999. By the end of next year, he participated in competitions in France FFSA GT, then in 2001 it acquired a team of XL Racing, which has continued to develop the car. About successor In 2002 to replace the 550 was his modernized version called Ferrari 575M Maranello. My car has undergone only cosmetic changes and the volume of its engine was increased to 5.75 liters. Alas, the price at the time of the appearance of Ferrari 550 Maranello is not known, but is now used options can be bought for 70,000 – 100,000 dollars.

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