Ferrari 512 TR: a modernized version Testarossa, prices and equipment

In 1991 he replaced the coupe Ferrari Testarossa was his modernized version called 512 TR. The car was retouched exterior design, upgraded engine and chassis, as well as improved facilities. Externally recognize the Ferrari 512 TR is possible for other bumpers, a different grille, new wheel design, the engine compartment lid, revised and modified rear light, hidden behind a black overlay across the entire width of the car. As for the width, it is in Ferrari 512 TR remains unchanged (1 976 mm), while the length was reduced to 5 mm (up to 4480) compared with Testarossa and the height of the opposite – increased up to 1 135 (± 5). But far more important that the engineers were able to reduce the weight of the coupe – upgraded Ferrari 512 TR 1 473 kg weighs against 1 506 kg, which pulls on the scales Testarossa. Coupled with a productive engine is allowed to make the car much more dynamic. The previous 4.9-liter 12-cylinder engine was improved ignition, modified intake system and a redesigned edition. From zero to a hundred Ferrari 512 TR accelerates in 5.1 seconds (0.2 sec. Faster Testarossa), and the maximum speed was 319 km/h. In addition, a compartment equipped with a modified suspension, new tires, upgraded brakes and an upgraded transmission. But while the price rose. At the time of occurrence of the value of the Ferrari 512 TR in the States began 212,160 dollars. In the period from 1991 to 1994 were issued 2280 copies of 512 TR. But the story did not end models Testarossa. In the same ninety-fourth year she presented a model of the Italian automaker Ferrari F512 M, which, in fact, become another round of evolution Testarossa.

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