The new Ferrari 488 Spider 2016, prices and equipment

Ferrari 488 Spider – open version of the supercar 488 GTB. The premiere of the new Ferrari 488 Spider was held in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015. The company referred to the novelty of the most powerful and the most aerodynamically efficient model with a retractable top in the history of the company. Outside the 488 Spyder is almost entirely repeats submitted in March 2015 a coupe of GTB, except for the other rear pillars and a cover of the engine compartment. The hard top is lowered and raised for 14.0 seconds, and its structure weighs 25 kg, than the option with a fabric roof. Recall that Ferrari 488 Spider replaced the Model 458 Spider, but the appearance of new products largely overlaps with its predecessor. A key feature of the interior Ferrari 488 Spider was a small glass with the electric drive for the back seats, which acts as a windscreen. It has three positions to provide for maximum comfort when driving with an open top.

Specifications. From zero to hundreds Spider accelerated for the same 3.0 seconds as the coupe with the same engine, but in the sprint from 0 to 200 km/h due to the extra 50 kg (dry weight of the model is equal to 1 420 kg, which is 10 less than its predecessor) is still inferior to 0.4 sec., making this exercise in 8.7 seconds. Maximum speed was reduced to 325 km/h (- 5), and average fuel consumption in the combined cycle is declared at the level of 11.4 liters per 100 kilometers. The company paid special attention to the stiffness of the body torsion, achieving the same thing as the car with hard top (this time by 23% more than the 458 Spider). This has been achieved by using design eleven different aluminum alloys in combination with magnesium. As with the coupe GTB, an outdoor version of Ferrari 488 Spider equipped with controlled sideslip SSC2 (Side Slip Angle Control 2), allowing the supercar out of the turns with the acceleration, which is 12% higher than it can do Italy Spider in the same turns.

Packaging and prices. Sales of the Ferrari 488 Spider to begin before the end of 2015, but pricing information yet.

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