Ferrari 488 GTB from Wheelsandmore tuning studio

The new supercar Ferrari 488 GTB, successor model 458 Italia, the becoming more popular tuning studio.This time, his version automobile presented by specialists from Wheelsandmore. Its efforts are focused on improving the performance of the compartment.
The Germans offered to owners of Italian supercars two successive upgrade. In the first phase tuners installed new air filter and reprogrammed engine control unit.
This allows you to increase the power of a 3.9-liter V8 twin-turbo with an initial 670 to 720 hp and 840 Nm.The cost of this package is only 2941 euros.
But for customers it seems insufficient, it is possible to set a different exhaust system, with which the engine power has already reached 735 “horses” and 850 Nm of torque. In this case, the customer will have to fork out already at 7897 euros.
The appearance of the Ferrari 488 GTB tuners from Wheelsandmore seriously did not touch, limiting proprietary aluminum wheels dimension of 21 × 12.5 × 21 front and 9 rear, carbon fiber splitter, and drawing on the body of stylish bars.

foto-488-wam_01 foto-488-wam_02 foto-488-wam_03

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