The new Ferrari 458 Spider Speciale A, prices and equipment

At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013 coupe debuted the Ferrari 458 Speciale, and after a year the Italians have prepared an open version of its database, which was presented at the motor show in Paris 2014. The car was called the Ferrari 458 Speciale A, where the letter “A” means Aperta, ie “Open.” Supercar equipped with aluminum folding top, which is removed and raised for 14.0 seconds. With him was the Spider weighs 1340 kg – 50 kg more than the coupe. The power unit model did not touch – is powered by the same 4.5-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine with 605 hp (540 Nm), which in a car with a rigid roof. Surprisingly, despite the slightly increased weight, the Ferrari 458 Spider Speciale A hundred gaining a place at the same 3.0 seconds as the coupe, and not inferior to the most recent lap times on the track Fiorano (1: 23.05). The difference is noticeable only when accelerating from 0 to 200 km/h – this exercise spider does in 9.5 seconds. against 9.1 seconds. There will be built only 499 copies of this model, the price of each of which is about 300,000 euros.


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