The Ferrari 458 Speciale received a 605-horsepower engine

If the model Ferrari F430 has a “charged” modification with the prefix Scuderia, then for the 458 Italia coupe supercar produced extreme version, called Speciale, although initially it was expected that the model will give the name of Monte Carlo. So, the new Ferrari 458 Speciale 2014 received an upgraded 4.5-liter V8, the impact of which increased from 570 to 605 “horses”. Italian engineers were able to remove one liter working volume of 135 forces, so that now it is not only the most powerful “eight” in the line of powertrains Ferrari, but also the most powerful naturally aspirated engine in the world. Italia In addition, the vehicle weight was reduced by 90 kg (up to 1290), as compared to the base model, so that from zero to hundreds of Ferrari 458 Speciale accelerated for 3.0 seconds flat (0.4 sec. Faster than 570-strong Italian). The latter is also a 1.5 with the new product is inferior in lap time at Fiorano track. Externally, the Ferrari 458 Speciale released a new front bumper, a vent in the lid of the luggage compartment, a massive diffuser with two large tailpipes of the exhaust system in the manner of Ferrari F430 Scuderia, as well as additional wings on the doorstep and a wide blue-white stripe along the body. The supercar has received a number of active aerodynamic elements and tracking system sideslip (Side Slip Angle Control, abbr. SSC), allowing the skids, but prevents loss of control of the vehicle due to the active rear differential E-Diff and traction control F1-Trac. The world premiere took place on the model the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2013, but price and date of start of sales will be announced later.

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