Finalization of supercars like the Ferrari 458 Italia – a complicated matter, requiring tuners maximum professionalism. Possess the necessary experience of the engineers and designers studio Anderson Germany, which has taken over the second project, based on the Italian supercar. In April this year tuners introduced the first version of its modified version in Italy, but this time the car got to the title prefix Carbon Edition. Most of the body panels supercar painted white, except for those that have been replaced. The new steel hood, engine compartment lid, roof, front bumper splitter, side “skirt”, a diffuser, a small spoiler on the edge of the stern and hull side mirrors. All the elements are made ​​of carbon fiber and devoid of any color. To enhance contrast, designers Anderson Germany installed new wheels and black toned optics. Many elements of carbon fiber and has appeared in the cabin Ferrari 458 Italy. Carbon is present in the finish front panel, steering wheel and door linings. Innovations in the technical part not so much. Engineers worked on the engine control program and set up a new exhaust system. All this has allowed to raise the returns 4.5-liter V8 engine to 623 hp and 636 Nm. How it affected the dynamics – not reported. Not announced, and prices set, but reservations can be made now.