The Ferrari 456 GT, prices and equipment

Ferrari 456 GT sports car is a four-seater coupe. The world debut of the car took place at the Paris Motor Show in 1992, with the release of the model continued until 2003 The number 456 in the title indicates that the amount of each cylinder of the engine is 456 cc This latest model of Ferrari, in the name of which uses this method. While the coupe has a high capacity, its power unit is known for high reliability and the ability to work in the toughest conditions. Ferrari 456 Gran Turismo replaced the model with an index of 400. The design of a coupe of specialists studio Pininfarina, created a memorable image of a car with an elongated hood, large front overhang and four kruglyashami taillights.

Specifications and features.

The basis of the car lay steel construction with aluminum panels and bonnet made of composite materials. Body panels are welded by a special “sandwich filling”, which allows you to securely connect steel and aluminum. The Ferrari 456 GT movement causes a 5.5-liter V12 engine capacity of 442 hp (550 Nm at 4 500 rev/min), is mounted in a pair with a 6-speed manual transmission. The control system BoschMotronic 2.7 fully controls the operation of the power unit.
From zero to a hundred Ferrari 456 GT coupe weighing in 1 690 kilograms accelerates in 5.2 seconds and a top speed of 302 km/h. These figures made ​​the model, at the time of occurrence, the fastest production four-seater in the world. Also, this was the most powerful model of Ferrari, with the exception of the supercar F40. In 1996, the car got a 4-band automatic transmission (such modification was designated 456 GTA). With its coupe lost three tenths of a second in the sprint to a hundred, and the top speed dropped to 298 kilometers per hour.

Upgraded 456M GT.

In 1998 there was 456 meters modernized Ferrari GT. The new version has undergone many changes designed to improve cooling and aerodynamic performance. Interior began to look more fresh, thanks to the emergence of soft leather Connolly. Also in the lounge chairs have been updated and reduced the number of sensors on the dashboard. The changes were made and the appearance of the car – grill and fog lights have become larger, and the previously air intakes on the hood model Ferrari 456M GT proved to be deleted. The engine management system has also changed, now began to be used BoschMotronic 5.2, but the capacity of the unit remains unchanged. Individual approach In the last couple of years, production of the model customers can personalize the car by using the Carrozzeria Scaglietti. An example is presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2002 a copy of Ferrari 456 GT (A) Scaglietti, which was created according to the preferences of Michael Schumacher. The body of the coupe has a two-tone color, and used in the salon selected Schumacher finishing materials. In addition, this version sports a modified instrument panel and Brembo brakes with perforated discs. Ferrari 456 GT production ended in 2003, Total was built 3 289 copies, and in the 2004th debut successor in the face of Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. Currently the price used for this Ferrari 456 GT in the secondary market, depending on the condition, and modifications of the release, ranging from 40,000 to 80,000 dollars.

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