Ferrari 360 Modena: a step into modernity

Ferrari 360 – a two-seater sports car from the famous Italian manufacturer. The car with the prefix Modena in the title is a closed coupe, Spider – a convertible, and there is still a lightweight and more powerful version of the Challenge Stradale. The first official show of Ferrari 360 Modena took place in spring 1999. The place was chosen premier International Motor Show in Geneva. Serial production of the model was launched later that same year. Externally, the Ferrari 360 Modena is a lot like its predecessor in the face F355 Berlinetta. The exterior of the car turned out stylish and graceful. Particularly impressive look two massive air intakes, spaced at the corners of the body. Due to this decision was the increased area of ​​the radiators without compromising space for luggage. The lower edge of the bumper on the F360 is slightly raised, the body has received wide “skirt” and exterior panels devoid of sharp corners. Curiously, sleek Ferrari 360 Modena turned out not so much due to the efforts of designers, as a result of titanic work of engineers and experts in aerodynamics. They worked hard on reducing the aerodynamic drag of a vehicle, having spent a total of about 5 400 hours in a special tube. Working in tandem with 6-speed manual transmission, the supercar accelerates from zero to a hundred in 4.2 seconds and a top speed of 298 km/h. The owner of any Ferrari 360 is free to choose one of two driving modes: normal or sports. The second allows you to experience all the delights of a 3.6-liter engine. The car it becomes more responsive, agile and quickly begins to accelerate. Beauty Interior Ferrari 360 Modena is made in the way the sport, but not without elegance and refinement. High-quality sports seats, aluminum pedals, sport steering wheel, instrument panel sympathetic – are all present in the car. Serial production of F 360 was discontinued in 2005, after which it was replaced by a new model Ferrari F430. During the life of the Ferrari racing has produced several modifications, including Modena Challenge, the 360 ​​GTC and GT.

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