How not to fall asleep at the wheel?

Going on a long trip, the driver must correctly plan and the way its forces. Nobody will be able to go behind the wheel of the clock, while remaining sufficiently vigorous. And any reduction reaction, not to mention sleep at the wheel, can result in serious consequences. Therefore, experienced drivers have their own set of tips on how not to fall asleep at the wheel. Below are only some of them have shared the experience of travelers.

The reasons for falling asleep at the wheel

But before you determine the most effective methods, it is useful to know what factors lead to falling asleep at the wheel.

The main reason for falling asleep, of course, is fatigue. From the long-term presence at the wheel (often faced with these professionals) or that the person before the trip worked hard physically (typical for amateur gardeners) fatigue increases.

It is believed that a small dose of alcohol can cheer. This is true for a feast in the company, but not for monotonous situation while driving, especially without the travel.

On a monotonous road, especially with a good coating, the driver will lose attention and alertness.

For each person has his own during normal physiological wakefulness. Violation of this mode causes fatigue of the body.

After a heavy meal drowsiness – Normal.

Many medications reduce reaction, soothe the nervous system and cause drowsiness. It can be a side effect of certain anesthetics or antihistamines.

Signs of the driver falling asleep

In fact, the reasons can be called a lot more, and they have individual character. For example, with age, the risk of falling asleep at the wheel increases. Habits and the mode of the day, too, are important. The main thing – time to notice the signs that prompt the driver begins to slowly fall asleep at the wheel.

short-term memory loss indicates the beginning of the state of slumber. If you can not remember the stretch of road that has just passed, or the content of the broadcast, then you have begun to fall asleep. This condition is also called the loss of vigilance. You may not sleep, but thoughts are already cut off from driving.

If you concentrate look far ahead and you find it hard to move attention to the area in front of the hood, you need time to “read” the readings, or the meaning of traffic signs or signs, then you have reduced attentiveness.

General lethargy, and reduction of tension in the muscles of hands and feet, dry mouth, increased time blinking – it is all the physiological signs of the coming of sleep.

The driver may not notice this condition, so the companion to be from time to time to pay attention to the condition of the driver. Passenger will be easy to see these signs of falling asleep at the wheel:

– Slurred speech, slow response to questions, the conversation jumps from topic to topic;
– WinCE and sluggish movements;
– Movement of the head up and down (the person “nodding” and abruptly throws his head back);
– Man hand t cheeks, forehead, temples, constantly changing position;
– Unstable on-road (exit at the oncoming lane and the curb, fuzzy distance, etc.).

In this case it is necessary to take some measures, and that close to trouble.

What should I do to stay awake?

Naturally, in any trip should be well rested to go. Even a short trip should be started after a short half-hour rest. It is useful to think through all the way. If you get to take a nap for a short while, then follow the road it will only be easier.

After driving for two to three hours to do a break for 10 – 15 minutes.

Coffee may help for some time to cheer up. It is necessary to avoid instant drinks – they are often counterfeited, and there may not be caffeine. But stimulant is caffeine and only at a certain concentration (about 300 mg – one cup). A larger amount of caffeine causes sedation.

Various energy, of course, can also help, but physicians are advised to be careful with them because of the potential hazard to the stomach. Less harmful and more effective means of drivers called instant coffee and Coke. Caffeine in this form into the blood stream much faster.

Conversation at the wheel of a companion helps to sleep. If there is no companion, you can play music. To do this, it would be good to prepare a collection of cheerful music in different styles. If this also feel sleepy, sing along your favorite songs. Try to do it loudly. Radio, by the way, better to distract from sleep, as a change of music and speech.

On the move, of course, it is better not to have a bite, but sweet-sour candies with citrus or apple taste particularly at a time refresh. Sweets with chocolate flavor is best avoided.

Inside the cabin, set air freshener with lemon or pine smell – they are invigorating.

Dreamer or sleeping passengers better transplanted into the back seat.

Especially the driver gets tired of aggressive driving.

On the market there are a variety of modern gadgets that help the driver stay awake. It’s not very complicated devices that react to tilt the driver’s head (simpler and cheaper) or analyze a number of factors (more complicated and more expensive) and fed a sharp beep to wake the driver.

These are just some tips for motorists, who have proved their effectiveness. Of course, you can remember and quite exotic. For example, a truck drivers before going to the nest sits for a few minutes. The ants bite so much that sitting then it is impossible to sleep for several days. But this is – is rather from the “purpose you can imagine.”

The main thing – not to overestimate their strength and rest time.

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