Extreme Ferrari FXX supercar, prices and equipment

Having stopped in the 2004th edition of the supercar Ferrari Enzo, the following year the Italian company announced the launch of the project FXX. This program involves the construction of extreme modifications of Ferrari models, designed for use by their clients only on racetracks. The first such model was the Ferrari FXX, built on Enzo, but significantly upgraded. Body model got aerodynamic, increases downforce by 40% compared with the original model. The movement Ferrari FHH resulting modified V12 engine from the Enzo, the volume of which was increased from 6.0 to 6.3 liters, and power at the same time increased from 660 to 800 hp (686 Nm). Transmission – six-speed sequential gearbox with paddle shifters. Time shift gears just 100 milliseconds. Especially for Ferrari FXX in for Bridgestone developed a 19-inch racing slicks, and experts have prepared for Brembo carbon brakes powerful supercar with a unique cooling system. In addition, the weight of the vehicle was reduced from 1 365 to 1 155 kg. From zero to hundreds of Ferrari FXX is accelerated for 3.0 seconds and a top speed of this model reaches 345 km/h. There were built 29 copies for each requested 1,500,000 euros. Thus all cars sold are stored and maintained in Maranello, and their owners can order the delivery of cars to any race track – its use on public roads is prohibited. In late 2006, the company built the thirtieth Ferrari FXX, gave it to Michael Schumacher – seven-time champion of Formula 1, five titles of which he won for the Scuderia Ferrari. Exclusively for legendary racer supercar was painted black without firm for FHH stripes on the body. Ferrari FXX Evoluzione In the 2007th for the Ferrari FXX package was prepared Evoluzione, which has somewhat improved performance supercar. In particular, the output of the engine grew to 860 “horses”, and the time for changing gears in the transmission was reduced to 60 milliseconds. On acceleration from zero to hundreds of Ferrari FXX Evoluzione spends only 2.8 sec., And theoretically the maximum speed can reach 391 kilometers per hour. The circle on the Fiorano test track car crossed in 1 minute and 16 seconds – 2.0 seconds faster machines without Service Evoluzione. It should also be noted that all the Ferrari FXX equipped with cameras on board and record telemetry system, and participants were selected very carefully. So, even with the necessary amount of money, not everyone can become the owner of this masterpiece.

foto-ferrari-fxx_01-650x433 foto-ferrari-fxx_03-650x433 foto-ferrari-fxx_06-650x433

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