Experts NISMO dress up Nissan Leaf

Everyone is used to the fact that at court tuning NISMO studio taken mainly for finalizing a sports car type Skyline GT-R and 350Z. But the Tokyo Motor Show in 2011 presented its own version of tuners electric Leaf hatchback.
True, shown at the motor show car is a concept of how I could look like a serial Nissan Leaf after the intervention of engineers and designers NISMO. At the same time, power plant engineers decided and did not touch it, focusing solely on electric appearance.
Tuned Nissan Leaf received a styling package consisting of a new front bumper with splitter, “skirts” thresholds wing on the lid of the luggage compartment, diffuser and branded 18-inch wheels NISMO, “shod” in the tires Bridgestone. Contrast image attached blue body mirrors and black roof.
Will there ever be such a modification into production – is not known, but less extravagant add-ons for an electric vehicle by NISMO is quite possible in the near future.

foto-leaf-nismo_01foto-leaf-nismo_03 foto-leaf-nismo_02

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