Exclusive Maybach 62 Landaulet, prices and equipment

In 2007 was presented a pre-production version of the Maybach 62 in a body Landaulet, a production-ready car debuted in the 2009th. In addition, in contrast to the standard version, the driver’s compartment is separated from the passenger glass partition. Also, especially for rear passengers car got more modern climate control system. In good weather, the passengers can travel around with an open top, showing off in front of an audience and breathe fresh air. If drizzling rain, the driver can press a button on the front panel, and within 16.0 seconds of the rear seat back is covered with a roof. For the function of folding/unfolding of the latter is responsible electrohydraulic mechanism. The very same roof is folded in a special leather case, sheltered from prying eyes immediately behind the rear seats. The cost of the new Maybach 62 Landaulet at the time the sales exceeded one million euros.

foto-62-landaulet_04 (1)foto-62-landaulet_03foto-62-landaulet_01foto-62-landaulet_06foto-62-landaulet_05foto-62-landaulet_04foto-62-landaulet_02-650x433

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